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If you have read Perry’s landmark prophetic book, Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue, you may recall that Perry deals with the seal that was developed during the primaries for then-Senator Obama. It was a large “0” with three red lines running across the bottom. Perry pointed out that the Islamic prediction of the sun rising in the West, along with his research, indicated the possibility that this seal was a cryptic message to the Islamic world that they had a new friend rising in the West—thus fulfilling many expectations in Islamic eschatology (see pages 19-26 for more details). Perry pointed out further insight that indicated the new leader of the U.S. had a strong link to Islam and, in one interview prior to the election, Obama spoke of his “Muslim faith.” He was interrupted by the interviewer who said, “You mean your Christian faith.” Obama replied, “Oh, my Christian faith.” While some have been severely criticized for suggesting that the President is actually a closet Muslim, a report out of Israel has bloggers going wild.

According to a report in the noted magazine, Israel Today, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit appeared on Nile Television stating, “The American president told me in confidence that he is a Muslim.” When a correspondent from the news site WorldNetDaily contacted the White House for a comment, they declined to respond. It was noted by blogger Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs that the exchange with Obama could have occurred early in 2010 when Gheit was in Washington D.C. addressing Mideast peace talks.

Many leaders in Israel who have dealt with Obama for the past 18 months have a personal belief that they do not share in public. They believe that America’s President is either a closet Muslim, who professed Christianity knowing he could never become president without that confession (a belief also shared by one of Obama’s childhood friends in Indonesia). Some believe that he is pro-Islamic and very anti-Semitic, due to the preaching he sat under for 20 years at the church of his friend and mentor Jeremiah Wright; due to his friendship with nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan; due to his Muslim background and friends who assisted him in his college days; and due his actions and the words he has spoken.

If a person carefully follows the national news in America, Israel, and the Islamic dominated Middle-east, they will clearly see that this is the first U.S. administration that goes out of its way to appease the Islamic world at the expense of the Jewish state. Consider that Obama has made speeches in Egypt and Turkey, and has plans to travel to Indonesia, but has yet to make a trip to Israel. His bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia was read by the Palestinian Muslims that Perry interviewed as, Obama is submitting to the King of Arabia who is guardian of the two major Islamic sites: Mecca and Medina.

During the 2010 Partner’s Conference Perry taught on a unique subject, “The Islamic Prophecies and the President,” in which he detailed the Islamic link from Obama’s earliest days, through his college years, and to his financial support as a candidate. He explained the prophetic repercussions of a 14th century sermon preached in Damascus, Syria, which predicted events to occur on the 1400th year of the Islamic Calendar, which was the year 1979 on our calendar. A second prediction pointed to the significance of the year 2008, the year of our presidential election. This very detailed, eye opening message was intended for Partner’s only. However Perry was so stirred about the content that he felt this very message should be made available to the Manna-fest audience. The audio CD is available with the new television offer, The Jerusalem Prophecies, but is also available as a single CD (see the main web page).

We never knew that this report would be released from Israel from the Egyptian Foreign Minister’s interview; however, the entire message preached at the conference is now more important than before. It explains why the administration has refused to called Islamic terrorists, “Islamic terrorists,” and why they are very non-supportive of the Benjamin Netanyahu administration. You need to hear this message before making your own judgment. We conclude by saying what FOX-News often says: We report, and you must decide!

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