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Subject: FW: Obamanation @ Arlington Veterans Day Nov 11,2009

Friends and Loved Ones, 

Here is one more example of the horrible mistake America made in November 2008. This is a result of Barack Obama's having sat under an America-hating pastor in church for 20 years. Unfortunately Pastor Wright also hated Israel and this has manifested itself in the President's foreign policy. Also Obama has little respect for the flag, for our national anthem, for our military, or for anything that most Americans are proud of and love. He is a major misfit in the White House. He is a rookie, an empty suit with a big mouth. He mesmerized audiences with his oratory just like another "antichrist" in Germany a few years ago. 

To what extent his temporizing in this area of commitment to the roots and foundational message of this nation is influenced by his dual commitment to Islam, I cannot say. I only know that in his book "The Audacity of Hope" he wrote that when "the chips were down" he would "stand with the Muslims." He has shown this time after time in his dealings with the Palestinians and all other Muslim peoples. It is demonstrated in his giving the five Gitmo terrorists the privileges of citizenship in a civilian trial. This has been called the worst mistake by far that any American President has ever made in our history. (Words of NY Congressman King on FoxNews this morning.) I believe that Obama suffers from a dual allegiance or ideological schizophrenia where America is concerned. (In case you didn't notice, observe the "no hand over the heart", which is the customary substitution for the military salute, when our anthem is played. Obama is on record criticizing our national anthem for being too "militaristic.") 

Obama has surrounded himself with over 35 support staff--appropriately called Czars--who are intent on radicalizing this nation and promoting such massive change that we will not recognize the America that is left to us if they are allowed to stay. Most of them are followers of the Marxist Saul Alinsky's program which is outlined in his book called "Rules for Radicals." Please find and read it, if you want to follow what is going on. It is all rooted in the "one party rule" which has been characteristic of Chicago's thuggish political machine for generations. We were very familiar with this corrupt machine having lived in the Chicago area for 33 years. This is the "school of politics" which most influenced Obama. 

It is all rooted in (1) hatreds, (2) deceptions and lies, (3) a totalitarian, dictatorial spirit, which allows no compromise, and (4) genocide--the murder of millions--in this case 50 million deaths from abortion and potentially also from the euthanasia program proposed in the so-called "death panels" of the health care bill where a gov't bureaucracy will determine who lives and who dies. It is politely called "rationed care." This is very similar to Hitler's plan of a forced eugenics. (David Axelrod, Obama's spokesman, said yesterday that the Stupak amendment to the Health Care Bill, which prohibits abortions to be paid for with Federal funds, would be stripped from the Bill in conference. If this amendment had not been temporarily allowed to be added to the bill 10 or 15 more Democrats (I think that most of them were Roman Catholics) would not have voted for it, and it would not have passed.) 

These four characteristics--irrational hatreds, deceit and lying, dictatorial control, and genocide are all characteristic of Satan's program for human society. Marxist, Leninist Communism, Nazism, Islamism, and the leftist liberalism of Europe and America or what is now called "progressivism", are all equally guilty. America is therefore in the grip of Satan and perhaps God is allowing it as a judgment on this nation. Of course, Satan wants to destroy America if he cannot control us because he would destroy our Judeo/Christian heritage and also any capacity that we would have to defend Israel against her Muslim enemies. (Read Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39.) 

I said months ago that Barack Hussein Obama was God's judgment on America. Our weapon of choice is intercessory prayer. Are you praying about any of this? 

Dr. Jim Murk

This was the forward that sparked my dads email:

Apparently our Commander in Chief doesnt know the protocol for the National Anthem.
 "THIS" guy is the commander in chief of "OUR" military...take a good look at him.  Folks wonder why he wants the Islam Muslim TERRORIST tried in a civilian court...wake up America...what are his supporters doing to our country...?  He's only in there as long as we allow him to stay there...!!!!!  How stupid or RACIST does one have to be not to see this FRAUD for what he REALLY is..
IMPEACH     HIM     NOW.....!!!!!


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