# Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Subject: FW: Obama lets EPA sign on to lead paint ruse (house remodeling costs will double)

If you own a house built pre-1978 the Obama Administration let Democratic litigators who give thousands to Democrats campaigns to sign into law a requirement that anyone doing rehab on a pre-1978 house must be certified to work with lead paint. This was based on a Providence, Rhode Island case that was disproven. The litigators lost against the paint companies. Even a separate Superior Court Case found that lead paint posioning statistic in Providence Rhode Island had been fabricated and manipulated by the Democratically controlled State Department of Health under its prior administrator, Patricia Nolan. 

The real culprit in the lead poisoning of Rhode Island immigrant children was proven to be lead in soap brought in by the immigrants themselves from their own homeland and then sold in neighborhood stores. 

One lawyer who benefitted from this contrived ruse was a trust fund baby, Sheldon Whitehouse, who picked lead paint poisoning of children as the cause to go after to get his name spread into newspapers far and wide while running for office. He is now a national Senator from Rhode Island. 

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