# Friday, May 21, 2010

Subject: FW: "Coming Attractions"


The String      An economic stimulus swindle       ...They put the con in congress


Barack Obama Presents:   Apologize Now   World tour   Flogging America to appease our critics and enemies


Kamp Obama   Enroll your child today for a even more progressive tomorrow!  "surround and intimidate"  Acorn techniques  Punch back twice as hard  Learn the chicago way


Barack Obama's own French dressing
So much european socialist flavor you'll swear you're living in paris     Made with 100% deficit spending
Great when used liberally on almost everything
Roasted stimulus plan
Blanquette de health care
Nationalized banking a la barney
Bail out jubilee
Climate change kabob
Foreign policy tartar
Vive la changement!


Gee wiz these are swell!  Nobel prize in every box!
Cracker Jack
candy-coated popcorn, peanuts, and a nobel peace prize...  That's what you get in cracker jack!


Click your remotes away from fox news
The party demands you watch only state-approved media


American Voters presents The Three Stooges
Bo Blinky Harry
Destruction of a nation
You'll laugh, you'll cry, as the three most powerful people in america impose unchecked ultra-liberal policies on our country



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# Thursday, April 08, 2010
Subject: FW: Da Prezzz!!! 


This float was in a parade in  Berlin

You've Got to Love those Germans.........

They have A Great sense of humor!

Is that Hillary... ??  

What is she hanging on to?


His stimulus package..

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# Monday, December 14, 2009

Subject: FW: Obamaville

This sign was posted outside a tent city and right beside a sign that boasts “Putting America Back to Work” from Obama’s failed American Recovery Act. This tent city holds hundreds of people that have been affected by Obama’s miserable handling of the economy. These are people who didn’t receive any of the stimulus because Obama was too busy paying back those who helped him get elected…Wall Street and the Unions.

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