# Thursday, 29 April 2010

Subject: FW: Obama Strikes Again




Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti , the United States rushed in to help - with money, medicine, and manpower. To date, we've already given over $179 million in humanitarian aid... but Barack Obama has just ordered all U.S. installations to take down their American flags, lest we be seen as an "occupying army" rather than "international partners."

It is patently appalling that a president of the United States would consider our flag to be a symbol of militaristic takeovers and colonialism, especially when serving (to a greater degree than any other nation on Earth) a humanitarian purpose.

Additionally, who would think we'd want to occupy Haiti ?!

No other country giving aid in Haiti has lowered its flag. But then again, no other country has a leader who is offended by their own flag

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# Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Subject: FW: Bumper Stickers

No president in history ever had this many bumper stickers created.... Not even Carter.   It appears....that the American people are not happy any more! 

The people have spoken.....


Are you better off than you were 4 trillion dollars ago?


So far, the change sucks!


Change it back!


Diversity   It killed 13 at Fort Hood


OOPS  Can we get a do over?


You can't fix stupid but you can vote it out!


Osama & Obama both have friends that bombed the pentagon


Got Socialism?


Liberal logic    Terrorists have rights   Christians don't!


Obamacare  Side effects include headache, delayed treatment, zero choice, sky rocketing taxes and premature death!


Obamacare  Freedom not included


Obamacare makes me sick


Obamacare:  If it's not good enough for congress...  it's not good enough for my family!


Give congress the same health care as the people


Obamacare  The efficiency of the DMV, the compassion of the IRS
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Subject: FW: Some Ego!

Barack Obama is so stuck on himself, he had a toy company actually create an action figure of him!!!  This guy!


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# Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Subject: FW: Hope and Cash


Remember when Ronald Reagan was president?

We also had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash... 

Now we have Obama and no Hope and no Cash!

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