# Thursday, January 28, 2010

Subject: FW: Bend Over Here Comes Your Stimulus Package


Bend over here comes your stimulus package

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Subject: FW: Snow White & the 7 Dorks


Snow White

biden | frank | geithner | pelosi | picture | reid
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# Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Subject: FW: Dreams Come True!!

Sitting together on a train was Obama, George Bush Jr., a little old lady, and a young blonde girl with large breasts.

The train goes into a dark tunnel and a few seconds later there is the sound of a loud slap..

When the train emerges from the tunnel, Obama has a bright red hand print on his cheek.

No one speaks.

The old lady thinks:
Obama must have groped the blonde in the dark, and she slapped him.

The blonde girl thinks:
Obama must have tried to grope me in the dark, but missed and fondled the old lady and she slapped him.

Obama thinks:
Bush must have groped the blonde in the dark. She tried to slap him but missed and got me instead.

George Bush thinks:
I can't wait for another tunnel, so I can smack Obama again.


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Governmental Flow Chart
Pelosi Reid
House Senate
All of us

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Subject: FW: The Obama Presidency: Year One


Obama agenda divides nation

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# Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Subject: FW: Transparency


Transparency: Pre-election promise
Transparency: Post-election reality
Not the time for questions
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Subject: FW: Dumb and Dumber


Barack Obama   Joe Biden
Dumb and Dumber
For Barack and Joe, every day's a no-brainer
A Smash hit in 57 states!
Written by Neil Kinnock and Deval Patrick
Playing everywhere until election day

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Subject: FW: Speaking of recessions...

Speaking of recessions...  HOPE Hope hope

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Subject: FW: Pulling the curtain back


Pulling the curtain back on the wizard

I am the great and powerful Ozbama...  Uh, look!  Greedy bankers!!

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# Monday, January 25, 2010

Subject: FW: Obama supporters

"Let's see here.  I need to shower, shave, eat some oatmeal (it keeps my cholesterol down), put on my new 'Obama: Change we can believe in" T-shirt', grab my 9 and a few rounds, hold up a convenience store, and then go buy some crack..   
New Fashion Rage In Police Mug Shots 
These are actual Police Photos.

Just think about this for a second: Did you ever see anyone arrested wearing a Bush T-shirt, or for you older guys, an Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan,or even Nixon, or Bob Dole shirt..
There MUST be a message here, but I can't quite grasp it. Maybe you can help me out here...
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Subject: FW: Hydrogen Barackside

This cartoon originated nearly 3 months ago in Scotland .  It looks like most of the world is laughing at our current nation's leadership.

Messianic Pharmaceuticals
- Kills capitalism on contact
- Kills jobs on contact
- Stimulates marxist tendancies
- No oversight needed
- Endorsed by unions

For the general destruction of wealth.  If you catch a nasty case of free market capitalism, try hydrogen barackside - it will cure you of all your money issues.  Our solution is right on the marx!!

Warning: Keep away from wallet when opening

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# Saturday, January 23, 2010

Subject: FW: Debt Star


If you were looking for A New Hope, try Episode IV

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Subject: FW: Obamanomics


So we'll put money in the economy by taking money out of the economy, then putting it back in the economy and taxing it as it passes through.
Yeah, that should work.

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# Friday, January 22, 2010

Subject: FW: Obama / Woods


Obama to Tiger Woods: Seriously...  I have screwed more people than you... 

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# Thursday, January 21, 2010


Take the three minutes to read this.


David Kaiser is a respected historian whose published works have covered a broad range of topics, from European Warfare to American League Baseball. Born in 1947, the son of a diplomat, Kaiser spent his childhood in three capital cities: Washington D.C. , Albany , New York , and Dakar , Senegal .  He attended Harvard University , graduating there in 1969 with a B.A. in history. He then spent several years more at Harvard, gaining a PhD in history, which he obtained in 1976. He served in the Army Reserve from 1970 to 1976.

He is a professor in the Strategy and Policy Department of the United States Naval War College
. He has previously taught at Carnegie Mellon, Williams College and Harvard University . Kaiser's latest book, The Road to Dallas, about the Kennedy assassination, was just published by Harvard University Press.

Dr. David Kaiser

History Unfolding

I am a student of history. Professionally, I have written 15 books on history that have been published in six languages, and I have studied history all my life. I have come to think there is something monumentally large afoot, and I do not believe it is simply a banking crisis, or a mortgage crisis, or a credit crisis. Yes these exist, but they are merely single facets on a very large gemstone that is only now coming into a sharper focus.

Something of historic proportions is happening.  I can sense it because I know how it feels, smells, what it looks like, and how people react to it. Yes, a perfect storm may be brewing, but there is something happening within our country that has been evolving for about ten to fifteen years. The pace has dramatically quickened in the past two.

We demand and then codify into law the requirement that our banks make massive loans to people we know they can never pay back? Why?

We learned just days ago that the Federal Reserve, which has little or no real oversight by anyone, has "loaned" two trillion dollars (that is $2,000,000,000,000) over the past few months, but will not tell us to whom or why or disclose the terms.. That is our money. Yours and mine. And that is three times the $700 billion we all argued about so strenuously just this past September. Who has this money? Why do they have it? Why are the terms unavailable to us?  Who asked for it?  Who authorized it?  I thought this was a government of "we the people," who loaned our powers to our elected leaders. Apparently not.

We have spent two or more decades intentionally de-industrializing our economy.. Why?

We have intentionally dumbed down our schools, ignored our history, and no longer teach our founding documents, why we are exceptional, and why we are worth preserving. Students by and large cannot write, think critically, read, or articulate. Parents are not revolting, teachers are not picketing, school boards continue to back mediocrity.. Why?

We have now established the precedent of protesting every close election (violently in California over a proposition that is so controversial that it simply wants marriage to remain defined as between one man and one woman. Did you ever think such a thing possible just a decade ago?) We have corrupted our sacred political process by allowing unelected judges to write laws that radically change our way of life, and then mainstream Marxist groups like ACORN and others to turn our voting system into a banana republic. To what purpose?

Now our mortgage industry is collapsing, housing prices are in free fall, major industries are failing, our banking system is on the verge of collapse, social security is nearly bankrupt, as is Medicare and our entire government. Our education system is worse than a joke (I teach college and I know precisely what I am talking about) - the list is staggering in its length, breadth, and depth.  It is potentially 1929 x  ten...and we are at war with an enemy we cannot even name for fear of offending people of the same religion, who, in turn, cannot wait to slit the throats of your children if they have the opportunity to do so.

And finally, we have elected a man that no one really knows anything about, who has never run so much as a Dairy Queen, let alone a town as big as Wasilla , Alaska ..  All of his associations and alliances are with real radicals in their chosen fields of employment, and everything we learn about him, drip by drip, is unsettling if not downright scary (Surely you have heard him speak about his idea to create and fund a mandatory civilian defense force stronger than our military for use inside our borders? No? Oh, of course. The media would never play that for you over and over and then demand he answer it. Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter and $150,000 wardrobe are more important.)

Mr. Obama's winning platform can be boiled down to one word: 

I have never been so afraid for my country and for my children as I am now.

This man campaigned on bringing people together, something he has never, ever done in his professional life In my assessment, Obama will divide us along philosophical lines, push us apart, and then try to realign the pieces into a new and different power structure. Change is indeed coming. And when it comes, you will never see the same nation again

And that is only the beginning...

As a serious student of history, I thought I would never come to experience what the ordinary, moral German must have felt in the mid-1930s.  In those times, the "savior" was a former smooth-talking rabble-rouser from the streets, about whom the average German knew next to nothing. What they should have known was that he was associated with groups that shouted, shoved, and pushed around people with whom they disagreed; he edged his way onto the political stage through great oratory Conservative "losers" read it right now.

And there were the promises. Economic times were tough, people were losing jobs, and he was a great speaker. And he smiled and frowned and waved a lot. And people, even newspapers, were afraid to speak out for fear that his "brown shirts" would bully and beat them into submission. Which they did - regularly. And then, he was duly elected to office, while a full-throttled economic crisis bloomed at hand - the Great Depression. Slowly, but surely he seized the controls of government power, person by person, department by department, bureaucracy by bureaucracy. The children of German citizens were at first, encouraged to join a Youth Movement in his name where they were taught exactly what to think. Later, they were required to do so. No Jews of course,  

How did he get people on his side? He did it by promising jobs to the jobless, money to the money-less, and rewards for the military-industrial complex. He did it by indoctrinating the children, advocating gun control, health care for all, better wages, better jobs, and promising to re-instill pride once again in the country, across Europe , and across the world. He did it with a compliant media - did you know that? And he did this all in the name of justice and . . . 
CHANGE.  And the people surely got what they voted for.

If you think I am exaggerating, look it up. It's all there in the history books.

So read your history books. Many people of conscience objected in 1933 and were shouted down, called names, laughed at, and ridiculed. When Winston Churchill pointed out the obvious in the late 1930s while seated in the House of Lords in England (he was not yet Prime Minister), he was booed into his seat and called a crazy troublemaker. He was right, though. And the world came to regret that he was not listened to.

Do not forget that Germany was the most educated, the most cultured country in Europe . It was full of music, art, museums, hospitals, laboratories, and universities. And yet, in less than six years (a shorter time span than just two terms of the U. S. presidency) it was rounding up its own citizens, killing others, abrogating its laws, turning children against parents, and neighbors against neighbors.. All with the best of intentions, of course. The road to Hell is paved with them.

As a practical thinker, one not overly prone to emotional decisions, I have a choice: I can either believe what the objective pieces of evidence tell me (even if they make me cringe with disgust); I can believe what history is shouting to me from across the chasm of seven decades; or I can hope I am wrong by closing my eyes, having another latte, and ignoring what is transpiring around me..

I choose to believe the evidence. No doubt some people will scoff at me, others laugh, or think I am foolish, naive, or both. To some degree, perhaps I am. But I have never been afraid to look people in the eye and tell them exactly what I believe-and why I believe it..

I pray I am wrong. I do not think I am. Perhaps the only hope is our vote in the next elections.

David Kaiser    
Jamestown , Rhode Island
United States 
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Subject: FW: Right to remain silent


"You have the right to remain silent.  You have the right to a lawyer..."
U.S.S. Pacific WW2

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# Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Subject: FW: Obama's Domino Effect


The Domino Effect
New Jersey
New York
Cap n Tax
Kalid Sheik Muhammad

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Subject: FW: Obama's portable teleprompters

President Obama, on his last trip overseas, did not have room for his teleprompters.  The ingenuity of the US government created a ultra-portable custom helmet teleprompter unit for him:

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Subject: FW: Travel for Obama (less wife)

Shep Smith, Fox News.  If you check Obama's last trip over seas. His wife left just after their visit to France as stated below. She has yet to accompany him to any Arab country. Think about it. This was sent to me from a very good and reliable friend. The pieces of the puzzle just keep on coming together! Interesting...
Travel for Obama
I was at a Blockbusters renting videos, and as I was going along the wall, there was a video called "Obama". There were two men next to me. We talked about Obama.
These guys were Arabs and I asked them why they thought Michele Obama headed home following her visit in France instead of traveling on to Saudi Arabia and Turkey with her husband..
They told me she couldn't go to Saudi Arabia , Turkey or Iraq .
I said "Laura Bush went to Saudi Arabia , Turkey and Dubai ."
They said that Obama is a Muslim, and by Muslim law he would not be allowed to bring his wife into countries that accept Sharia Law.
I just thought it was interesting that two Arabs at Blockbusters accept the idea that we're being led by a Muslim who follows the Islamic creed.
They also said that's the reason he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. It was a signal to the Muslim world.
Just thought you would like to know.
***************               *****************               *******************
When I received this it made sense to me, but there were also a couple blank spots. Thus,
I sent it to a friend who is a Middle Eastern Scholar and expert, Dr. Jim Murk. Here is his explanation that states a little clearer what the Arabs at Blockbuster were saying.
"An orthodox Muslim man would never take his wife on a politically oriented trip to any nation which practices shari'ah law, which includes Saudi Arabia ,.  This is true and it is why Obama left Michelle in Europe or at home when he went to especially Arab countries.  He knows Muslim protocol; this included his bowing to the Saudi king.  Obama is regarded as a Muslim in these countries simply because he was born to a Muslim father.  Note that he has downplayed his Christianity--even spoke of his Muslim faith with George Stephanopoulus --by not publicly joining a Christian church in D.C., but simply attending the chapel or services at Camp David .
He also played down the fact that the USA was a Christian country and said, unbelievably, that it was one of the largest Muslim nations in the world, which is nonsense.  He has also publicly taken the part of the Palestinians in the conflict with Israel  Finally he ignored the National Day of Prayer. He is bad newsl  He is God's judgment on America ."   Jim Murk
Bear:  Thus once again ACTIONS speak louder than words. Check out Obama's. Do they appear treasonous to you or is it just millions of us who think so?  God help us!


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# Monday, January 18, 2010

Subject: FW: Quote of the year ...

This has got to be the best quote of the year 


"As an American I am not so shocked that Obama was given   
 the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments to his 
 name, but that America gave him the White House based on  
 the same credentials."
**Newt Gingrich**

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Subject: FW: Kittens


A pretty little girl named Suzy was standing on the sidewalk in front of her home. Next to her was a basket containing a number tiny creatures; in her hand was a sign announcing FREE KITTENS.

Suddenly a line of big black cars pulled up beside her. Out of the lead car stepped a tall, grinning man.

"Hi there, little girl, I'm President Obama. What do you have in the basket?" he asked.

"Kittens," little Suzy said.

"How old are they?" asked Obama.

Suzy replied, "They're so young, their eyes aren't even open yet."

"And what kind of kittens are they?"

"Democrats," answered Suzy with a smile.

Obama was delighted. As soon as he returned to his car, he called his PR chief and told him about the little girl and the kittens.

Recognizing the perfect photo op, the two men agreed that the president should return the next day, and, in front of the assembled media, have the girl talk about her discerning kittens.

So the next day, Suzy was again standing on the sidewalk with her basket of "FREE KITTENS" when another motorcade pulled up, this time followed by vans from ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN.

Cameras and audio equipment were quickly set up, then Obama got out of his limo and walked over to little Suzy.

"Hello, again," he said, "I'd love it if you would tell all my friends out there what kind of kittens you're giving away."

"Yes sir," Suzy said. "They're Republicans."

Taken by surprise, the president stammered, "But... but... yesterday, you told me they were DEMOCRATS."

Little Suzy smiled and said, "I know. But today, they have their eyes open."

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Subject: FW: What is this old tool??

A Strange Old Tool . . .. . 

Do you know what it is?  

This Old Tool has been reintroduced in Washington D.C. by the Obama Administration.

Are you starting to feel it yet? 

Tobacco Smoke Enema (1750s-1810s)
The tobacco enema was used to infuse tobacco smoke into a patient's rectum for various medical purposes, primarily the resuscitation of drowning victims. A rectal tube inserted into the anus was connected to a fumigator and bellows that forced the smoke towards the rectum. The warmth of the smoke was thought to promote respiration, but doubts about the credibility of tobacco enemas led to the popular phrase "blow smoke up one's ass."

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# Friday, January 15, 2010

Subject: FW: Obama and the call girl!

Barack Hussein Obama was looking for a call girl.   

He found three such girls in a local pub, a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. 

To the blonde he said,  'I am the President of the United States.  Now how much would it cost me to spend some time with you?' 

 She replied, $200. 

 To the brunette he asked the same question. 
 Her reply was $100. 

 He then asked the redhead... 

 Her reply was, 'Mr. President, if you can get my skirt up as high as my taxes,  My pants as low as my wages,  Get that thing of yours as hard as the times we are living in, 
And keep it rising like the price of gas, Keep me warmer than it is in my apartment and  Screw me the way you have retirees, and our Veterans
Then it isn't going to cost you a friggin' damn cent!

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Subject: FW: Ah, sorry to bother you Mr. Obama, Sir.

Ah, sorry  to bother you Mr. Obama, Sir.  . ..


Excuse me Mr. Obama, I mean President Obama, Sir.  Um . . I know you're busy,  and important and stuff.  I mean, running the country is very important and -- ah -- I hate to bother you, Sir.  I will only take a minute. Ok, Sir?

See, I have these missing pieces that are holding  me up, and I was wondering, Sir, if you could take time out of your busy schedule and help me out.  You know, no big deal, just some loose ends and things.

Hey, you have a nice place here!  The wife sees houses like this on TV all the time and says, boy, she wishes she had digs like this, you know?  Is that painting real?   Really?  Wow!

I saw something like that in a museum once.

Oh, sorry Sir.  I didn't mean to get off the track.

So if you could just help me out a minute and give me some details, I will get right out of your way.  I want to close this case and maybe take the wife to Coney Island or something.   Ever been to Coney Island Sir? No?  I didn't think  so....

Well, listen, anyway, I can't seem to get some information I need to wrap this up.  These things seem to either be "Not released" or "Not available."  I'm sure it's just an oversight or glitch or something, so if you could you tell me where these things are I have them written down here somewhere -- oh wait. I'll just read it to you.


Could you please help me find these things, Sir?

1.  Occidental College records -- Not released

2.  Columbia College records -- Not released

3.  Columbia Thesis paper --  "Not available"

4.  Harvard College records -- Not  released

5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released

6. Medical records -- Not released

7.  Illinois State Senate schedule -- Not available

8. Your Illinois State Senate records -- Not available

9.. Law practice client list -- Not released

10. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate -- Not released

11. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth -- Not released

12. Record of your baptism --  Not available

13. Why your wife, Michelle, can no longer practice law as an attorney? (Insurance Fraud?_

14. Why your wife has 22 assistants, when other First Ladies had one?

15. Why were you getting "foreign student aid" as a college student?

16. Which countries "passport" did you have when you visited Pakistan in 1981?


Oh and one more thing Mr.. President, I can't seem to find any articles you published as editor of the Harvard Law Review, or as a Professor at the University of Chicago. Can you explain that to me,  Sir?

Oh, but hey --  listen!  I know you're busy!  If this is too much for you right now  -- I mean -- tell you what.  I'll come back tomorrow. Give you some time to get these things together, you know?  I mean, I know you're busy.   I'll just let myself out.  I'll be back tomorrow.  And the day after. . ...

What's that Mr. President?  Who wants to know these things?


We the People of the United States of America! You know, the ones that vote. 






Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. 

Ronald Reagan 

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
-Thomas Jefferson

Reminder: Don't forget to pay your taxes...12 million
illegal aliens are depending on you.

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Subject: FW: Misleader


Friday, January 15, 2010 7:08:00 AM (Central Standard Time, UTC-06:00)  #    Disclaimer  |  Comments [0]  | 

Subject: FW: BHO - Columbia Univ

Now maybe, we are getting to the core of his LIES.
Received this today from a friend.  Have seen some information relative to his attendance at Columbia and this certainly raised some legitimate questions which should be answered.  In my opinion the most important question, that everyone should be asking, is why would Obama be spending over two million dollars of taxpayer money paying lawyers to keep his records concealed?  He could immediately stop all this speculation by releasing all of his records.

To those who voted for him, YOU HAVE ELECTED THE BIGGEST UNQUALIFIED FRAUD that America has ever known, my opinion!    

This is very interesting stuff. Sort of adds credence to the idea of The Manchurian Candidate  thing having happened here!  
 Stephanopoulos of ABC news said the same thing during the 08' campaign.  
 He too was a classmate of BOs At Columbia class of 1984. He said he never had one class with him. 
 Was he there?  
While he is such a great orator, why doesn't anyone in Obama's college class remember him?  
 Maybe he never attended class! Maybe he never attended Columbia ? He won't allow Colombia to release his records either.
Suspicious isn't it?

Looking for  evidence of Obama's past, Fox News contacted 400 Columbia University  students from the period when Obama claims to have been there, but none  remembered him.  Wayne Allyn Root was, like Obama, a political science major at Columbia who also graduated in 1983. In  2008, Root says of Obama, "I don't know a single person at Columbia that knew him, and they all know me. I don't have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia . Ever!

Nobody recalls him. I'm not exaggerating, I'm not kidding. "Root adds that he was also, like Obama, "Class of '83 political science, pre-law" and says, "You don't get more exact or closer than that. Never met him in my life, don't know anyone who ever met him. At the class reunion, our 20th reunion five years ago, who was asked to be the speaker of the class?

Me – Wayne Root

No one ever heard of Barack! And five years ago, nobody even knew who he was. The guy who writes the class notes, who's kind of the, as we say in New York, the macha who knows everybody, has yet to find a person, a human who ever met him. Is that not strange? It's very strange.

"Obama's photograph does not appear in the school's yearbook and Obama consistently declines
requests to talk about his years at Columbia, provide school records, or provide the name of  any former classmates or friends while at Columbia.   

You can check Wayne out at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Allyn_Root#column-one 

NOTE: Root graduated as Valedictorian from his high school, Thornton-Donovan School, then graduated from Columbia University in 1983 as a  Political Science major (in the same class as President Barack Obama WAS  SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN IN). 

Can it be that BHO is a complete fraud? More intrigue concerning "The Man who wasn't there.”

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Subject: FW: A Hollow Man

The Hollow  Man.    A   MUST read.

Barack Obama is less of a person than an image -- a brand. People see whatever they want, as they do on a Rorschach test. But does anyone really know him?

In fact, he is:

  • An empty suit.

  • A man with no birth certificate.

  • A man who was deserted in childhood by his biological father.

  • A man whose birth records, both in the United States and Kenya, are sealed by government order.

  • A man whose childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, spied on U.S. military installations in Hawaii for the Soviet Union, edited a communist newspaper, authored pornographic novels, and wrote poetry in praise of Joseph Stalin.

  • A man mentored by and still supported by radical Muslims.

  • A man who promised transparency in government, but has spent over a million dollars in legal fees hiding information that would deter mine his eligibility to be President.

  • A former drug user.

  • A man whose academic records are sealed from kindergarten through law school.

  • A man who arrived in New York in June of 1981 without enough money to get a hotel room, but one month later flew to  Indonesia and  Pakistan ...

  • Why did he go?

  • Who paid his expenses?

  • A man who traveled to Pakistan when it was illegal for U.S. citizens to do so. So what country's passport did he use?

  • A man whose Law School Admission Test scores and grades at Columbia University are known to have been mediocre, but was admitted to Harvard Law School through the intervention of a Saudi named Khalid al-Mansour.

  • A law review editor who never published an article in any law review.

  • A lawyer with no significant accomplishments in the law and no reputation in the legal community.

  • A former State and U.S. Senator, who never authored a piece of legislation.

  • A disciple of the Marxist Saul Alinsky.

  • A product of the Chicago political machine -- the most corrupt political organization in America.

  • A man who selects Marxists, corrupt politicians, and criminals as his close political associates and personal friends.

  • A man whose presidential candidacy was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America, the Socialist International, and the Workers International League.

  • A man lauded for the literary brilliance of two memoirs, both of which were ghostwritten by others.

  • A so-called Christian who says that knowing when human life begins is "above his pay-grade," but somehow knows that abortion is permissible at any stage.

  • A man who thinks " waterboarding"  is immoral, but that partial-birth abortion is moral.

  • A man who publicly laments slavery in America -- which was abolished 150 years ago -- but praises Islam, which still practices both slavery and the sexual mutilation of young girls.

  • A man who speaks endlessly about helping the less fortunate, but gives almost none of his sizeable income to charity -- not even to his half-brother, who is living in squalor in Kenya.

  • A man who had the most left-wing voting record in the United State Senate, but was predicted by the press to "govern from the middle."

  • A man who has never created a job, met a payroll, or even operated a lemonade stand, but wants to tell Detroit how to make cars.

  • A President who has never before served as an executive in either the private or the public sector.

  • A Commander-in-Chief who doesn't know how to shoot a rifle, throw a hand-grenade, drive a tank, fly a plane, or con a ship.

  • A Commander-in-Chief who has publicly divulged some of our nation's most important intelligence secrets.

  • A man who has been put in charge of the largest economic engine that ever existed, but has never invested in the stock market and admits total ignorance of it.

  • A President who says that science will guide his administration, but has no education in the sciences.

  • A man who is proficient in reading what is written for him on a teleprompter, but jerks and stammers his way through any off-the-cuff speaking.

  • A man whose health records are sealed from childhood to the present day.

  • A man whose educational records are sealed from childhood through law school.

  • A man who spent 20 years in a church whose pastor espouses Marxist Liberation Theology, anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, and anti-Semitism, but claims he never heard his pastor utter anti-American and anti-Semitic statements.

  • A man who added more to the National Debt in 100 days than all other Presidents did in the past 220 years, yet feels qualified to lecture Americans about financial responsibility.

birth | economy | Islam | muslim | marxist
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Subject: FW: Please read and forward if you see fit.


Does anyone see a pattern here..  I've noticed that contrary to what the government's spokesperson and the media are saying, anyone who has read one of these health care bills says the same thing..  We'll have rationed health care, controlled by bureaucrats, that will cost more, and still have nearly as many uninsured people in our country..  So why are these elected officials still going against the desires of the majority of the people that elected them and destroying the best health care system on the planet??  I know it isn't perfect, but then what is..  If you have a very serviceable vehicle you wouldn't crush it and start over from scratch..  Midterm elections are coming..  Please help your friends understand they need to vote based upon the candidate's record, not his promises..



The Truth About the Health Care Bills - Michael Connelly, Ret. Constitutional Attorney  

Well, I have done it!  I have read the entire text of proposed House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009. I studied it with particular emphasis from my area of expertise, constitutional law.  I was frankly concerned that parts of the proposed law that were being discussed might be unconstitutional. What I found was far worse than what I had heard or expected.

To begin with, much of what has been said about the law and its implications is in fact true, despite what the Democrats and the media are saying.  The law doesprovide for rationing of health care, particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession. 

The Bill will also eventually force private insurance companies out of business, and put everyone into a government run system.  All decisions about personal health care will ultimately be made by federal bureaucrats, and most of them will not be health care professionals.  Hospital admissions, payments to physicians, and allocations of necessary medical devices will be strictly controlled by the government. 

However, as scary as all of that is, it just scratches the surface.  In fact, I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable health care choices.  Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated  If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed. 

The first thing to go will be the masterfully crafted balance of power between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U.S. Government.  The Congress will be transferring to the Obama Administration authority in a number of different areas over the lives of the American people, and the businesses they own. 

The irony is that the Congress doesn't have any authority to legislate in most of those areas to begin with!  I defy anyone to read the text of the U.S. Constitution and find any authority granted to the members of Congress to regulate health care.

This legislation also provides for access, by the appointees of the Obama administration, of all of your personal healthcare direct violation of the specific provisions of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution information, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital.  All of this is a protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures.  You can also forget about the right to privacy.  That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide. 

If you decide not to have healthcare insurance, or if you have private insurance that is not deemed acceptable to the Health Choices Administrator appointed by Obama, there will be a tax imposed on you.  It is called a tax instead of a fine because of the intent to avoid application of the due process clause of the 5th Amendment. However, that doesn't work because since there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax, it is definitely depriving someone of property without the due process of law. 

So, there are three of those pesky amendments that the far left hate so much, out the original ten in the Bill of Rights, that are effectively nullified by this law  It doesn't stop there though. 

The 9th Amendment that provides: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people; 

The 10th Amendment states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  Under the provisions of this piece of Congressional handiwork neither the people nor the states are going to have any rights or powers at all in many areas that once were theirs to control. 

I could write many more pages about this legislation, but I think you get the idea.  This is not about health care; it is about seizing power and limiting rights.  Article 6 of the Constitution requires the members of both houses of Congress to "be bound by oath or affirmation to support the Constitution." If I was a member of Congress I would not be able to vote for this legislation or anything like it, without feeling I was violating that sacred oath or affirmation.  If I voted for it anyway, I would hope the American people would hold me accountable. 

For those who might doubt the nature of this threat, I suggest they consult the source, the US Constitution, and Bill of Rights. There you can see exactly what we are about to have taken from us. 

Michael Connelly 
Retired attorney, 
Constitutional Law Instructor 
Carrollton , Texas 

As Mr. Connelly stated this was HB3200 which has been modified and is still to be further modified as it is merged with the Senate bill so the final version will probably contain even more bizarre requirements..


If you don't care about our constitution, or your rights under it, just do nothing.  



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# Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Subject: FW: Death Warrants

Friend of mine sent this out to see if anyone else saw it. Seems to be true
from all I and another could find out.

Have you wondered why Barack Hussein Obama has insisted that the U.S. Attorney General hold the trials for the 911 Murdering Muslims Terrorists in Civilian Courts as Common Criminals, instead of as Terrorists who attacked the United States of America in a Military Tribunal ? Something to think about:

If the Muslim Terrorists are tried in Military Tribunals, convicted, and sentenced to DEATH by the Military Tribunal, Barack Hussein Obama, as President of the United States ,  is required by United States Law to sign their Death Warrants before they are EXECUTED. He is not required to sign any death warrants if sentenced to death in a Civilian Court .

Now think about the Muslim Jihadist, Major Hassan who recently slaughtered his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood , Texas . Major Hassan did not want to go to Afghanistan and be a part of anything that could lead to the deaths of fellow Muslims. He stated that Muslims should not and must not KILL FELLOW MUSLIMS. '

Note: Let's see who will end up trying Major Hassan -- the military or civilian court.

Barack Hussein Obama's motive is to make sure he does not have to sign death warrants for fellow Muslims who are convicted as Terrorist killers! Why would the President of the United States , not want to sign the death warrants for Muslim Terrorists who attacked the United States and MURDERED over 3,000 innocent United States Citizens on 911? Could it be that he is FORBIDDEN BY HIS RELIGION to have anything to do with the execution of Muslims? If you have doubt of his motive, look into his formative age education of daily indoctination into the Quran, the Muslim faith, and Sharia law.

John W. King, Attorney at Law

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I was impressed by the fact that this man had personal experience with the radicals of the 60's who spawned Barack Obama.  He is a very, very dangerous man and he wants to completely change what America has always been.  Note that his Marxism is judged by this man to be even more radical than any European country.  The Russian newspaper Pravda had an article some months ago bemoaning the fact that America was moving toward Communism and making the same mistake that Russia made a century ago. Some of you might want to accept his challenge and check out Saul Alinsky's recommendations in "Rules for Radicals."  Remember, Hillary Clinton was also greatly influenced by Alinsky and so was Chris Matthews who is the host of Hardline on MSNBC. They both idealized him and considered him as a heroic figure to be emulated.
Dr; Jim Murk
Begin forwarded message:
A Warning to all Americans    
From Naval Aviator, Commander Jerry Wilson
 We lived in California during the winters of 2007 and 2008. We became addicted to Fox News and watched O'Reilly and Hannity and Colmes every night. When we got back home, we upgraded our cable to get Fox.
 I watched the Presidential campaign very closely. Initially because I thought the Democrats would nominate Hillary Clinton and then in astonishment when they chose an even more hard-left candidate. All of last year I told everyone I could that Obama was not a Democrat, he was a Marxist. He is far to the left of any European leader and even our far left party, the NDP.
 I read Saul Alinsky when I was in the University. I studied him and his writing carefully. When Bill Ayers and his idiot wife were bombing and killing people at random in the Weather Underground. Weather Underground and the Black Panthers were closely allied. I read David Horowitz's account of changing from a Marxist to a conservative after seeing that the government was afraid to prosecute members of the Panthers for murdering his personal assistant. He suddenly understood the evil that Marxism really was.

After the student radicals failed in creating a Marxist revolution in the United States by violent means, they embraced Alinsky.
 You would be wise to read "Rules for Radicals" because it outlines how Hillary and Obama planned to get into power, and what they intended to do when  they got it.
 Socialism is not the correct descriptor for what Obama and the Democrats are doing. They are going to be much more far reaching than anything Sweden has ever been able to do. Obama is following Alinsky's plans, those set out in"Rules for Radicals" and his other writing.
 The Democrats are attempting to create one party rule in the U.S. and in achieving that, will create crisis after crisis by their own actions and use those crisis to nationalize the means of production in the U.S. You are in the middle of a communist revolution and few in the U.S. can actually see it for what it truly is.
 The U.S. is now on the path of financial destruction. The Constitution has been shredded and individual human rights are being trampled. In less than 8 months. Obama has used a recession to take over the two largest industries in the U.S.
 He will debase the Dollar and is on the road to creating an incredible energy shortage that will allow him and Congress to take over the energy industry. But by and large I think that by the 2010 elections, the Democrats will have gerrymandered electoral districts to the point that it will be impossible for them to lose control of both houses of Congress.
 The incredible increase in the money supply is going to create Zimbabwe and Venezuela style inflation, and with it, controls on the currency and the amount of money that can be taken out of the country.
 I love America , I cannot believe how the ignorance of the American public has created a situation where by they are going to lose their Republic and slip into an age of repression and tyranny.
 I may be nuts, but so far I have been 100% in my predictions of what Obama was going to do, because I merely had to look at "Rules for Radicals" to see what was coming next.
 I read Glenn Beck's book, "Common Sense" and in it re-read Thomas Paine's pamphlet with the same name. I recommend the book. When the storm finally hits (and it will), those of you who supported the Obama administration will be affected as well. It won't just be us gun owners or Flat-Taxers, or Pro-Lifers that get hit. You'll be right there next to us.
You all thought the Conservatives were nut cases. You know, all of us who believe in God, small government, the Second Amendment, etc. You thought you could just go back to sleep after the election was over.
 In your world, America will continue as before. You'll still have the same rights, the same nice house, the same big screen television. After all, your high school football team won and the other team lost "go team"! Even if you have bothered to look up from the daily grind since Nov 4th, you dismissed everything that has occurred as "politics as usual"the same old stuff.

 In the end, it'll all be OK won't it?
 Not this time. There are a growing number of citizens in the US that are ready to fight to shut down the government's grab of personal freedom, it's blatant abuse of the constitution, and it's attempt to replace the American way of life with socialism.
You have to listen carefully to hear them, but they are there. I won't start that fight, but when it goes down I will join it.
 As for you, why, you'll be shocked because you didn't see it coming. And eventually you'll be saddened when you see that we have truly lost the way of life with which you grew up. You'll be saddened that your children and grandchildren live in a socialist, government-controlled gulag where their every movement from cradle to grave is tracked by the government.
 But most of all, you'll be saddened by the death of friends and relatives who are brave enough to fight and die for something they believe in.
 You know, McCain wasn't much of a candidate. I'll give you that. He was the lesser of two evils for most of us. I don't blame you for not voting for him since, at the time, you didn't know what we all know now. But at least John McCain was an American. He was a supporter of the American way of life and he understood that you can't negotiate with terrorists.
 He understood and appreciated the sacrifice made by my father and other members of the Greatest Generation. Mark my words friends. All across America groups are forming. They are forming out of anger and out of desperation at the thought of losing America .
 They're not militia groups, terrorists as the Department of Homeland security would have you believe; they are Americans, loyal to the constitution. They are mothers and fathers and grandparents. They belong to groups like the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, the Peaceful Resistance, the Constitution Party, the Young Conservatives, the 9/12 Project, and Grassfire. Right now they are fragmented, each focused on their own cause.
 But sometime in the next two years, our government is going to do something really stupid and these groups will come together. Watch for it, wait for it's get ready. It will happen. When that event happens, whatever "it" is, our great country is going to plunge into chaos for a while.
 I pray to God that we make it through that  time and emerge a stronger, smarter country.
 Naval Aviator, Commander Jerry Wilson
 Live Free or Die Fighting This is the time to be looking UP get down on your Knees and START PRAYING.

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# Sunday, January 10, 2010

Subject: FW: The Buck Stops THERE!


The Buck Stops There

cartoon | cia
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Subject: FW: FYI - We're Moving FInally - and up in the world,too!

Dear President Obama:  
 I'm planning to move my family and extended family into Mexico and I would like to ask you to assist me. 
 We're planning to simply walk across the border from the U.S. Into Mexico , and we'll need your help to make a few arrangements. 
 We plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws. 
 I'm sure they handle those things the same way you do here. So, would you mind telling your buddy, President Calderon, that I'm on my way over? 
 Please let him know that I will be expecting the following: 
 1. Free medical care for my entire family. 
 2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might need, whether I use them or not. 
 3. Please print all Mexican government forms in English. 
 4. I want my grandkids to be taught Spanish by English-speaking (bi-lingual) teachers. 
 5. Tell their schools they need to include classes on American culture and history. 
 6. I want my grandkids to see the American flag on one of the flag poles at their school. 
 7. Please plan to feed my grandkids at school for both breakfast and lunch. 
 8. I will need a local Mexican driver's license so I can get easy access to government services. 
 9. I do plan to get a car and drive in Mexico , but, I don't plan to purchase car insurance, and I probably won't make any special effort to learn local traffic laws. 
 10. In case one of the Mexican police officers does not get the memo from their president to leave me alone, please be sure that every patrol car has at least one English-speaking officer. 
 11. I plan to fly the U.S. Flag from my house top, put U S. Flag decals on my car, and have a gigantic celebration on July 4th. I do not want any complaints or negative comments from the locals.
 12. I would also like to have a nice job without paying any taxes, or have any labor or tax laws enforced on any business I may start. 
 13. Please have the president tell all the Mexican people to be extremely nice and never say critical things about me or my family, or about the strain we might place on their economy. 
 14. I want to receive free food stamps. 
 15. Naturally, I'll expect free rent subsidies. 
 16. I'll need Income tax credits so although I don't pay Mexican Taxes, I'll receive money from the government. 
 17. Please arrange it so that the Mexican Gov't pays $4,500 to help me buy a new car. 
 18. Oh yes, I almost forgot, please enroll me free into the Mexican Social Security program so that I'll get a monthly income in retirement. 
 I know this is an easy request because you already do all these things for all his people who walk over to the U.S. From Mexico. I am sure that President Calderon won't mind returning the favor if you ask him nicely. 
 Thank you so much for your kind help. You're the man!!!

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Subject: FW: Letter from Grandpa

*John  G. is 63 years old and owns a small business. He's a life-long Republican  and sees his dream of retiring next year has all but evaporated.

With  the stock market crashing and new taxes coming his way, John assumes now that he will work to his dying day.

John has  a granddaughter. Ashley is a recent college grad. She drives a flashy hybrid car, wears all the latest fashions, and loves to go out to nightclubs and restaurants. Ashley campaigned hard for Barak Obama.

After  the election she made sure her grandfather (and all other
Republican  family  members) received a big  I- told-you-so earful on  how the world  is  going  to be a much better place now that her party is  taking over.

Having  lost both roommates, Ashley recently ran short of cash  and
cannot pay the rent (again) on her 3 bedroom townhouse.  Like she has done many times in the past, she e-mailed her  grandfather asking for some  financial help. Here is his reply:


I received your  request for assistance.  Ashley, you know I love you dearly and  I'm sympathetic to your financial  plight. Unfortunately, times have changed.  With  the election of President Obama, your grandmother and I have had to set forth a bold new  economic plan of our own..."The Ashley Economic Empowerment Plan."   Let me explain.

Your grandmother and I are life-long, wage-earning  tax payers. We  have lived a comfortable life, as you know, but we have never had  the  fancier things like European vacations, luxury cars, etc. We have  worked hard and were looking forward to retiring soon. But the plan  has  changed.        Your president is raising our personal and business taxes  significantly.  He says it is so he can give our hard earned money to  other people. Do  you know what this means, Ashley? It means less for  us, and we must cut back  on many business and personal expenses.   You know the  wonderful receptionist who worked in my office for   more than  23 years? The one who always gave you candy when you
came over to visit?  I had to let her go last week. I can't afford to pay her  salary and  all of the  government mandated taxes that go with having  employees.  Your grandmother  will now work 4 days a week to answer

phones, take orders and handle the books. We will be closed on Fridays and will lose even  more income to Wal-Mart.
I'm also very sorry to report that your cousin Frank will no longer  be working summers in the warehouse. I called him at school this  morning.  He already knows about it and he's upset because he will  have to give  up skydiving  and his yearly trip to Greenland to survey  the polar  bears.    That's just the business side of things. Some personal  economic
effects of Obama's new taxation policies include none other than you.  You  know very well that over the years your grandmother and I have given you thousands  of dollars in cash, tuition assistance, food, housing, clothing, gifts,   etc., etc. But by your vote, you have  chosen to help others  –  not at your expense -- but at our expense.
If you need money now  sweetheart, I recommend you call 202-456-1111.  That  is the direct phone number for the White House. You yourself told me how  foolish it is to vote Republican. You said Mr.. Obama is going to be the  People's President, and is going to help every American live a better life.  Based on everything you've told me, along with all the promises we heard  during the campaign, I'm sure Mr. Obama will be happy to transfer some stimulus money into your bank account. Have him call me  for the account number which I memorized years ago.
Perhaps  you can now understand what I've been saying all my  life:   those who vote for a president should consider the impact on the nation as a whole, and not be just concerned with what they can get for themselves.. What Obama supporters don't seem to realize is all  of the money he is  redistributing  to illegal aliens and non-taxpaying Americans  (the so-called  "less fortunate") comes from tax-paying families.
Remember  how you told me, "Only the richest of the rich will  be  affected"?  Well guess what, honey? Because we own a business,  your grandmother and I are now considered to be the richest of the rich.  On paper,  it might look that way, but in the real world, we are far from  it.
As you said while campaigning for Obama, some people will  have to carry more of the burden so all of America can prosper. You understand what that means, right? It means that raising taxes on productive people results in them having less money; less money  for everything, including granddaughters.
I'm sorry, Ashley, but the well has run dry. The free lunches are over. 

I have no money to give you now.

So, congratulations on your choice for "change." For future reference, I encourage you to try and add up the total value of the gifts and cash

you have received from us, just since you went off to college, andcompare it to what you expect to get from Mr. Obama over the next4 (or 8) years.
I have not kept track of it, Ashley. It has all truly been the  gift of our hearts.
Remember, we love you dearly....but from now on  you'll need to call the number mentioned above. Your "Savior"  has the money we would have given to you. Just try and get it  from him.
Good luck,  sweetheart.

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Subject: FW: Health care



WOW!! Let's hear it for the Judge! 

I read an excellent article in our local paper, the River Cities Tribune, published in Marble Falls , TX.  It was written by our former county judge, David Kithil.  He voiced his opposition to HB 3200, and gave EXACT SPECIFICS, to include page and paragraph in the bill on why this Health Bill is BAD. 

Thomas Edwards, editor of the River Cities Tribune, was contacted to get legal permission to quote David Kithil's comments. Permission was granted, so here are excerpts from the article, giving EXACT pages and paragraphs in the bill and why it is so bad. 

You can forward this to all of your email contacts.  I think Judge Kithil hits everything right on the head,and the opposition you may encounter cannot argue over these points: 


"I have reviewed selected sections of the bill and find it unbelievable that our Congress, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, could come up with a bill loaded with so many wrong-headed elements. 

H ow many of us believe our federal government can manage a new program any better than the bankrupt Medicare program or the 
under funded Social Security program? 

"Both Republicans and Democrats are equally responsible for the financial mess of those two programs. 

"I am opposed to HB 3200 for a number of reasons.  To start with, it is estimated that a federal bureaucracy of  more than 150,000 new employees will be required to administer HB3200.  That is an unacceptable expansion of a government that is already too intrusive in our lives.  If we are going to hire 150,000 new employees, let's put them to work protecting our borders, fighting the massive drug problem and putting more law enforcement/firefighters out there." 

NOW, here comes the good stuff: 

JUDGE KITHIL continued:  "Other problems I have with this bill include: 

** Page 50/section 152:  The bill will provide insurance to all non-U.S. residents, even if they are here illegally. 

** Page 58 and 59:  The government will have real-time access to an individual's bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts. 

** Page 65/section 164:  The plan will be subsidized (by the government) for all union members, union retirees and for community organizations (such as  the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now - ACORN). 

** Page 203/line 14-15:  The tax imposed under this section will not be treated as a tax.  (How could anybody in their right mind come up with that?) 

** Page 241 and 253:  Doctors will all be paid the same regardless of specialty, and the government will set all doctors' fees. 

** Page 272. section 1145: Cancer hospital will ration care according to the patient's age. 

** Page 317 and 321: The government will impose a prohibition on hospital expansion; however, communities may petition for an exception. 

** Page 425, line 4-12: The government mandates advance-care planning consultations.  Those on Social Security will be required to attend an "end-of-life planning" seminar every five years. 

** Page 429,  line 13-25:  The government will specify which doctors can write an end-of-life order.

HAD ENOUGH????  Judge Kithil then goes on: 

" Finally, it is specifically stated this bill will not apply to members of Congress.  Members of Congress are already exempt from the Social Security system and have a well-funded private plan that covers their retirement needs.  If they were on our Social Security plan, I believe they would find a very quick "fix" to make the plan financially sound for the future." 

Honorable David Kithil 
Marble Falls , Texas

All of the  above should give you all the point blank ammo you need to support your opposition to Obamacare.   Please send this information on to all your email contacts.

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# Thursday, January 07, 2010

Subject: FW: Small Business people will LOVE this!

Did you happen to catch Glenn Beck's show?


He had a graph up that showed past presidents and the percentage of each president's cabinet appointees who had previously worked in the private sector.


You know a real life business, not a government job? Remember what that is? A private business??? The kind that need to actually “MAKE MONEY” to survive….not “SPEND” everyone else’s????? Where individuals actually have to WORK and don’t look for handouts!!!


Roosevelt - 38%

Taft - 40%

Wilson - 52%

Harding - 49%

Coolidge - 48%

Hoover - 42%

FDR - 50%

Truman - 50%

Eisenhower - 57%

Kennedy - 30%

LBJ - 47%

Nixon - 53%

Ford - 42%

Carter - 32%

Reagan - 56%

GHWB - 51%

Clinton - 39%

GWB - 55%


And the WINNER WINNER Chicken Dinner is.........................


Obamanos – a smooth 8% !!!! I know I’m STUNNED????


YEP, EIGHT PERCENT!!!!!!!!!!!! And these are the loons holding a "job summit"? This ought to go really well!!!!


I'm gonna go out on a limb here, I know, but I'm gonna go ahead and predict.... WE'RE SCREWED!!!!!


So, HEY, how's that "Hope n Change" workin out for ya ?

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Subject: FW: Love the t-shirt

This should be read and understood by all Americans Democrats, Republicans, EVERYONE!!

To President Obama and all 535 voting members of the Legislature,

It is now official you are ALL corrupt morons:

The U.S. Post Service was established in 1775. You have had 234 years to get it right and it is broke. 
Social Securitywas established in 1935. You have had 74 years to get it right and it is broke. 
Fannie Mae was established in 1938. You have had 71 years to get it right and it is broke. 
War on Poverty started in 1964. You have had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to "the poor" and they only want more. 
Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965. You have had 44 years to get it right and they are broke. 
Freddie Mac was established in 1970. You have had 39 years to get it right and it is broke. 
The Department of Energy was created in 1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. It has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24 billion a year and we import more oil than ever before. You had 32 years to get it right and it is an abysmal failure.  

You have FAILED in every "government service" you have shoved down our throats while overspending our tax dollars


Folks, keep this circulating. It is very well stated. Maybe it will end up in the e-mails of some of our "duly elected' and their staff (they never read anything) will clue them in on how American's feel.

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Subject: FW: Anticipation


With breathless anticipation, the crowd awaits the unveiling of the Obama statue.

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# Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Subject: FW: New Obama Security Terror Color Code


The New O-land security terror color code!
Green: Naive: Terrorists: Can we talk?
Blue: Misguided: Release Gitmo terrorists
Yellow: Insane: Bow before Saudi king
Orange: Epie Fail: Is that a bomb in your underwear or do you have gas?
Red: Kaboom!: Bush's fault

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Subject: FW: Look whats on 2010 Income Tax return!!!!! Urgent!!!

Gun owners... look what's on the 2010 tax return....                                                                  
 As if we didn't have enough to get upset about!  If you have a gun, I hope it isn't registered!                        
 It begins... more Freedom gone...... the right to protect yourself and your family gone!  Now ALL GUNS must be listed  
 on your next (2010) tax return!                                                                                        
 Senate Bill SB-2099 will require us to put on our 2009 1040 federal tax form all guns that you have or own.            
 It will require fingerprints and a tax of $50 per gun.                                                                 
 This bill was introduced on 
February 24, 2009, by the Obama staff.  BUT, this bill will only become public knowledge   
 30 days after the new law becomes effective!  This is an amendment to the Internal Revenue Act of 1986.  This means    
 that the Finance Committee has passed this without the Senate voting on it at all.  Trust Obama?  You must be kidding! 
 The full text of the IRS amendment is on the U.S. Senate homepage: www.senate.gov.  You can find the bill by doing a   
 search by the bill number, SB-2099.  You know who to call; I strongly suggest you do.  Please send a copy of this      
 e-mail to every gun owner you know.                                                                                    
 Text of H.R.45 as Introduced in House: Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009:                  
 Obama's Congress is now starting on the firearms confiscation bill..  If it passes, gun owners will become criminals   
 if you don't fully comply.                                                                                             
 It has begun... Whatever Obama's "Secret Master Plan" is.... this is just the 'tip of the iceberg!'                    
 Very Important for you to be aware of a new bill HR 45 introduced into the House. This is the Blair Holt Firearm       
 Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009.                                                                                
 Even gun shop owners didn't know about this because the government is trying to fly it under the radar as a 'minor'    
 IRS revision, and, as usual, the 'political' lawmakers did not read this bill before signing and approving it!         
 To find out about this - go to any government website and type in HR 45 or Goggle HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & 
 Record of Sales Act of 2009.  You will get all the information.                                                        
 Basically this would make it illegal to own a firearm - any rifle with a clip or ANY pistol unless:  1) It is          
 registered  2) You are fingerprinted  3) You supply a current Driver's License  4) You supply your Social Security     
 number  5) You will submit to a physical & mental evaluation at any time of their choosing                             
 Each update change or ownership through private or public sale must be reported and costs $25.  Failure to do so you   
 automatically lose the right to own a firearm and are subject up to a year in jail.                                    
 There is a child provision clause on page 16 section 305 stating a child-access provision.  Gun must be locked and     
 inaccessible to any child under 18.  They would have the right to come and inspect that you are storing your gun       
 safely away from accessibility to children and fine is punishable for up to 5 years in prison..                        
 If you think this is a joke - go to the website and take your pick of many options to read this...  It is long and     
 lengthy.  But, more and more people are becoming aware of this.  Pass the word along.  Any hunters in your family pass 
 this along.                                                                                                            
 This is just a "termite" approach to complete confiscation of guns and disarming of our society to the point we have   
 no defense - chip away a little here and there until the goal is accomplished before anyone realizes it.               
 This is one to act on whether you own a gun or not..                                                                   
 <Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress) <http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c111:H.R.45>; :                   
 <H..R.45: Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 - U.S. Congress - OpenCongress <               
 <H.R. 45: Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 (GovTrack.us) <                                
 Please..... copy and send this out to EVERYONE in the 
USA , whether you support the Right to Bear Arms or are for gun  
 control. We all should have the right to choose.                                                                       

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Subject: FW: WE DID IT!

I was on my way to invest more money at Home Depot this morning, trying to do my part to stimulate the economy.

 I found myself behind this little rice burner of a car bearing a bumper
 sticker that read;

"We did it!" - "Obama / Biden".

 I managed to pull along side of her at a red light about a half mile
down the road. I beeped my horn and gave her a big thumbs up.

 She rolled down her window and I said, "I love your bumper sticker!

 She heartily thanked me. And I quickly added, "It's really good that you are taking  responsibility for your mistake!"

She gave me the finger and drove off.

 Such a humorless bitch.


biden | joke
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Subject: FW: ---LJ---

Just passing it along...


Americans following Obama:


Little Johnny is not an Obama fan 

A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Democrat Party Obama fans.

Not really knowing what an Obama fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny.

The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different ... again.
Little Johnny said, "Because I'm not an Obama fan."
The teacher asked, "Why aren't you a fan of Obama?" Johnny said, "Because I'm a Conservative."
The teacher asked him why he's a Conservative.  Little Johnny answered, "Well, my Mom's a Conservative and my Dad's a Conservative, so I'm a Conservative."
Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, "If your mom were a moron and your dad were an idiot, what would that make you?"
With a big smile, Little Johnny replied, "That would make me an Obama fan."

Recess at the Asylum


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# Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Subject: FW: Congressional Express

Congressional Express
Collective Spending Card
Spread the wealth * Until it's gone
Public Dependent In Government We Trust
Free Lunch
Change has come

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Subject: FW: More???

In 10 years you'll be broke
Overflowing costs

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Subject: FW: The Ball Drop


Dropping the National Security ball.

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